A Poetic Love!

When pen met paper, breath was taken. Love was spilt, the heart collided. Love the ink, crimson the color, a heart the pen. Capturing, writing; love penned down, every poetic encounter. The moment, became the feeling. Poetry, poured through every eMotion. Words with movement, spilling the beauty. The overflow, what the soul can’t contain. Love, etched deep within the crevices, of a blank canvas. A heart, moved by the breadth. To capture the essence, spill the soul, tell the story; when pen… Love pouring, poems with reflections. A crimson love, with textured hue. Poetry, a voice with whispers of love. Filling the heart, with food for the soul. The melodies, playing an endless love song. Living, not life abundant. If love’s not lived, poetically within a heart. Every breath taken, to show how deep the love. Vulnerability, in discovering the ways; to give every breath. A heart captivated, trying to know. How much muse, lingers in the breadth, in every captured love. When love, becomes more than words. The ink dries, making the love forever. Deep love, more than pretty words. It’s poetic, to move, to inspire. The heart, the instrument. The soul on a journey, to meet the heavenly. Love in a poem, flowing through the heart, touching the depth of the soul. When love flows, the soul becomes a river. When the pen bleeds, the ink reveals. How a poetic love, spills into the deepest place. Every time, pen meets paper. Let clarity, be every line. My heart will pen, the paper will capture. Words will speak, what’s captured in; A Poetic Love!


11 thoughts on “A Poetic Love!

  1. “When love, becomes more than words.” Now that will preach right there! 🙌🏼 “The ink dries, making the love forever. Deep love, more than pretty words. It’s poetic, to move, to inspire.” What an inspiration your heart has shared here, Warren!

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