Losing Your Breath!

Take my breath, to a place where words are Lost. The place, where the heart is Found… breathless. It would be, to the moon and back. But the actual fact, love should stop at nothing. Until the soul, gleans a glimpse into the heavenly. Why reach back, for what was? When the heart, can have a clear view into forever, see into the depth. Love, still the gauge. To take the heart rate, test how faithful each heartbeat. To say so, say so. Would a fleeting beat, still be a matter of fact. In the stillness, could there be a degree, to separate? What the heart needs, to be the breadth, in my lungs. If I’m running, you must be chasing. Your love is the wind, the breadth worth knowing. Why, I find myself the one chasing, your heart. To find within it words, that speaks into my soul. The butterflies chased, the soul captured. The heart swept away, by the breadth in the wind. Breakthrough, happens in the twilight, a breakthrough to the dawn. Your love, broke down the walls, through every breath. Taken, you have my heart and soul. In an ocean, how can a soul fathom depth; when the heart, will end up drowning? How can a heart know, when you’ve reached new heights? When heaven, became part of your soul? A heart, still needs to press into what lies ahead. Learn, what lies in the deeper places. Not, by holding the breath. But, letting your soul be held, by the breadth. Take every breath, and hide it.. in the clefts. What do you do, when you lose your breath. You keep searching, even though the heart becomes speechless, finding words. What do you do, when your words run away, and you’re trying, to catch your breath? What do you do, when your heart is captured by a presence, held breathlessly forever by the love? You, tell the story. The pen will bleed, the ink never running dry. The heart runs out of words, but; there’s always a pent love. What do you do, when you can’t hide a heart, misplace your soul? It’s held, in every captured muse. Seen, within every verse. But still, I keep ending up losing, my breath!


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