The Quiet Beauty!

My friends, may your heart know; your soul take hold, see, touch, and feel. The quiet beauty, found in the true breadth of love. The quiet light, the night light; shining on pages. When the ink dries, the light illuminates, the story is told. A heart exposed, shows a soul laid bare. May you, know you can always. Rest your eyes, lay your heart. On the breadth, that lies within. God’s love, what lays the bedding. What will be the comforter, when the days are cold. Where my soul, finds a peaceful rest. Pull back the cover, slip into the ambiance. No fluff, no pretense. Just a love story, to press up against your soul. Be encouraged, let faith be the living proof. Love, presses through the twilight, to become the dawn. That will enlighten, the living hope. That’s a quiet beauty, found in every heartbeat. Leaving the heart, overwhelmed, and speechless. Love, a song in the night. There’s, always a story time, when love becomes the tale. On the wings of love, hold the breadth. Chase the butterflies, chase your dreams. Be sold out, may all your dreams come true. May your book, have reflections of the book. Highlighting, an inward look… to the love within? When, the word presses up against your heart. Breath is taken, words seems lost. You lose your breath, so search your heart!

To find, how a Like, turns into Love, and the Appreciation? Words, can never truly Press in. Until the love, is illuminated by the light… within. Every subtle shift, reveals hidden shadows. Places where, the love didn’t eclipse. When the Word is deeply Pressed, into the heart. The ink will say forever, you have a place within the soul. You can’t iron on love, or try to apply with a well known adhesive. All by itself, love will be the glue, to fix what is broken. Love is the pillar, never meant to become a statue. Looking, but never doing. Love is the quiet beauty, always looking for a moment, to leap into action. Does your love, have substance; with food for the soul? Does the word move, a heart feeling touched, as the love took your breath? Under the quiet, LOVE is that bold. It has, a quiet confidence, boundless the quiet strength. To hold your every breath, not let you exhale. Even the quietest love, can profoundly move your every heartbeat. To face every fear, and the quiet struggles, courageously. A heart, knowing how to find, quiet moments… to just breathe. This piece, for all the hearts. Radiating a bright hue, in every clustered page. Knowing, the heart is the living proof; that love transcends. When it becomes more, than just a pretty Word. In itself, love radiates a crimson presence. The power, when the Press; starts in your soul. A heart changed profoundly, the love expressed; becomes life changing. Even if, words become lost. Chase the butterflies, let your heart resonate. A soul being inspired, by the Quiet Beauty… in love!


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