The Need, Run to You!

My heart, runs to You. Though the days are short, the night seems long. Your love, what moves my soul. A heart, captured by a spell-bound; love, wrapped in a crimson hue. Even when, the thinking becomes a stumble, the path of another fall. The rain, the heart, the cry; another run… to you. Love is a river, with waves of emotions. A feeling of exhausting, eclipses by a heart knowing. You have to make love, the relentless pursuit. To drown in the depth of the sea, you have to chase the butterflies. Hold the breadth, to be a heart swept away, by the crimson tide. That’s forever compelling, deeply propelling. A heart energized, a soul breathing in the enlightenment. Love is the wind, beneath your wings. That makes you rise up, to soar even higher. So, whenever you fall, love will always be the comfort. Keeping you, from a heart broken, with a shattered faith… in love. You chase after love, despite all of life’s obstacles. Every day, you lace up my heart. Sprint into the arms of love, let it take your breath. The beautiful journey, the marathon through the years. Telling you, it’s finished. You’ve found the heart, you have the love, and peace… within the embrace. Giving you the desire, to do it again, and again. The heart and soul, with the Need, Run to You!


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