Love, the Ballad!

The Song:

Here, and Now. I give my heart, give you my everything; my Endless Love. All My Life, my soul prayed; for a love like yours. To have, to hold; you, will always be my heart. The love song, in a symphony. Every heartbeat, playing a sweet rhythmic melody; A love so beautiful. Every breath, breathed out in harmonic unison. A heart knowing, how to sing a love ballad; The Greatest Love of All. “B” sharp, noted never letting it be about falling. But being, in love, Always, and Forever. The love being, a Total Eclipse of the Heart. Love is Forever, even though some days; the heart wants to groove, to a brand new funk. A little ditty, will help to tell the tale. A heart with a verse, writing another love song. Open Arms, needs an open heart. For a love ballad, to resonate with a poetic hue. My heart is moved, by a love soul proven. Love, You Are the Reason; for the breadth within my lungs. You’re the Inspiration, to profoundly wanting to be, a heart changed. Do What You do, leave me breathless. Love, tell it to my heart. How, am I Supposed to Live without You? My, every breath you take. The beauty to feel, the love to hold; the presence, by my side. Nothing, can Change this Love. Every lyric, will be original. A heart, being forever swayed; feeling how steady the beat. A traditional ballad, will never be this heart and soul, singing a typical love song. When, I’ve come to the end of myself. It won’t be, Hello; love, is it me you’re looking for? Not the Kiss, and Say Goodbye. On the Wings of Love, how every breath finds forever. Love, there you can find my soul. Caught up in the Rapture, of You!

The Poem:

Wonderful, precious as a treasure. Love redeems, through a beautiful exchange. When more than, food for thought. But, how deeply the embrace. Love rescues the souls, counsels the heart, whispers words of affirmation. Comforts, gently take your breath. Love is meant to be the hideaway, to place your insecurities. To find offered hope, whenever the heart feels. Its hopelessly lost, the way to find, a meaningful love story. Love is faithful, to be a source for healing. Graceful, even in the dimmest light. When there’s a hunger, the thirst becomes a heart full. Love, food for the soul!


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