Inspirational Friday; What it Becomes!

A heart, with wings like a butterfly; chasing dreams. The soul, feeling the wind, soaring on the breadth. Every daze, becomes another gaze… into the bliss. The heart, rising with another dawn; captivated by another Day-to-Dream. The vision, the realization; the breath -taking. Hope spreading, the butterflies chased… away the doubts. Vulnerabilities, not deterred by shadows. In every horizon, dreams are revealed. Chase the raging river, your insecurities. Will surely yield, to every relentless pursuit. Though the water flows, let love be the ocean. Fathom the depth, know the deeper meaning. A dream, needs your soul to be still. So your heart can be comforted, by a song in the night. Through, every contemplative imagination. Truth is found, so the love can sustain. Follow your heart, pursue your dreams… into the dawn. Hopes, dreams. You have to get beyond the ponder, to behold the wonder. Dreams soar, setting your sights in the heavens, not to the stars. Beyond sight, to the unseen. A desire, becomes the dream. Thrusted into reality, by the created design. The manifested beauty, what the heart will treasure. Chasing, Dreams!


3 thoughts on “Inspirational Friday; What it Becomes!

  1. Dreams worth the chasing are those put in our hearts by our Creator God and reflect the grand thing only He can do in and through us. It brings him glory He shares with us. A very encouraging blog. Thank you for sharing.

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