The Breadth, in My Lungs!

Love, water in a wasteland. The silence stirred, a heart chased by a breathless river. Love refreshing the soul, the overflow; in bottled up emotion. Joy, found in the raging storm. The soul being cradled, every breath held. A heart, a thousand breaths. Captured, trying to find the height. The measure, of the length. The drowning, found in the depth. The breadth, I held it; but it slipped away. I lost it, my breath. My heart, desperately I searched, find my forever. The love, my soul found it; holding every breath. Every gasp, another breath-taken. The love expanded, the heart inhaled. But my soul, waited, to exhale. The Love lavished, with a crimson hue. The broadness, a heart stretched, by the breadth. When, the heart becomes a desert, the love becomes the ocean. Whispers in the wind, breaking through the silence. Giving wings the breadth, to soar into forever. A soul, caught up in the rapture… of love. The breadth, we have history. Yesterday’s love, will be what has passed. Today, tomorrow will again be the taking. The breadth, in my lungs. Breathlessly telling, another love story!


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