Salt, and Light!

Love, a heart with a particular kind. Not, the flavor of the week. But, favor shared indeed, to a heart in need. Love, is a shining light, radiating with a heavenly glow. A little bit of favor, a recipe to surely make, what was baked in. Seeing the moment made, someone feel lighthearted. From a kind word, that took away the bitter taste. Set the table, be the light, with the right ambiance. Let the love be literal, not just seen in the peripheral. Show, how much love has history. Yesterday’s love, left a lasting taste. The breadth preserved, lingering in the heart for days. The blessings today, the season tomorrow. To show, love is the savored reason. Why, love won’t be worth its salt. Until it’s seen, in the best light. A heart deserving to see, how your love shines. Vibrant, with the color of love. Let the mood, be lighted. Giving love the room, to become enlightened. To be a lamp, is to give light. To make light, when the day; doesn’t seem so bright. Love illuminates, but it’s the heart that beams. Love, will help to ignite, a hidden passion. Every heart, is filled with substance, to let the love be substantial. Added, with a fresh amount of spice. The essence of your character, will be love rising up, like the sun. A heart shining, the beautiful light. Love, showcasing how much vigor, is displayed through the zest. Hearts are influenced, minds are changed, lives are impacted. When shown love, that has Salt, and Light!


3 thoughts on “Salt, and Light!

  1. You always bring out such good points on “love.” This one phrase was particularly lovely:

    “To be a lamp, is to give light. To make light, when the day; doesn’t seem so bright.”
    Being a light into our world! 😄

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