Song Inspired; You Were Loved!

Have you ever, wished you could turn back clock, change the sands of time? It was but a moment, life’s cloaked in fleeting vapors. Losing your breath, sometimes bitter, sometimes so sweet. Love, took my breath, on the wings of an angle. So many times, I wanted to pick up the phone. Tell you, I don’t have to miss you, won’t try to hold on to the years. I will, always keep you close. Your love is forever, in our heart. I will cry, but will never shed a tear. I will keep it, bottled up. Just let the overflow, run through my silent river. Then poured, deeper. Your heart be loved, with each breath taken. Though, the soul journeys home. Your love, has reserved a special place, next to my heart. I lost a breath, but your love helps me find it. In life, the heart chases dreams. We need not forget, in searching; find the true meaning, to life. Knowing a love, profound with meaning. Diamonds in the hand, not a treasure the heart can hold. You can’t say, you have a diamond. If the love, doesn’t shine through it. You can have riches, but without love. What do you have, to call your priceless treasure? In this world, everybody searches for peace. The only place to find it, within the heart. The greatest gift, life can truly give. Having a love, that meant something. One, you can look back on, see if the love touched? If the breadth, was deeply held; the love, found in the deepest place? The most precious treasure, needs to be kept safe. Not with lock, with love this the key. It’s profoundly better, when on display. My baby girl, unlocked a well guarded place!

You ask for words, but speechless become the heart. You can ask the waves, why swept away? But, before knowing the answer, emotions another flood. You ask the tree, how deep the roots? For life, begins under ground. You can ask the grave, don’t take your breath. But tears, how the ground feels the reign. Strong hope, breaks what comes to chain. I wish, I didn’t have to write this. But, I’m thankful; my heart gets to say this. Remembering, will not out weigh this. We have history, love the story. The good days, not weighed by a bad day. The heart goes on, one day at a time, love gets you through it. Thank You, for letting us know your heart. Distance, won’t overcome the miles. Love’s a journey, the road knows the destination. But it’s the chosen path, that holds the true destiny. Even now, love puts a face, to what makes the heart smile. That’s, the power of love. My advise, to every heart. Always remember, to tell that special person; You’re Loved. Leaving, not a kiss to say goodbye. But a moment to say, our love will meet again. Love felt, a heart touched, by one with a special love. The breath taken, someone reached in; held it forever. It doesn’t matter, when time finds forever. When I lay me down, this my heart will know. In the wake, my soul will find love, waiting… to take my breath. Why, I’m saving all my love. All the love, you’ve given. My love, is your love… breathing, still!

* For the last three years in August, I’ve picked one of Whitney Houston’s songs, to be a Song Inspired. This year, because of my own daughters passing in March 2021. One week before her 31st birthday, which I wrote about back then. We got passed COVID, only for our hearts to be blindsided, with something else. This post, was written with her in mind. It will also be dedicated anyone, who has also lost a loved one recently! This song, was released in 1998. Hope, it blessed your heart?


10 thoughts on “Song Inspired; You Were Loved!

  1. Warren! I did not know you lost your daughter in March! I am so so sorry to hear this and for your loss! 😢 I pray you and your wife can heal from this kind of sorrow. My deepest sympathies to you all. What a beautiful, beautiful tribute to your baby girl! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    1. Thanks, Renee. I was offline for a week, and shared it in a post; “in our hearts.” The family is doing, the Father has my heart, and this father, keeps their hearts close. Appreciate the comment, and prayers! 🙏🏽


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