The Dedicated Heart!

Greatness, doesn’t consist of how many people you lead. True greatness, revealed in how many hearts you serve. Love is the driving force, the reasons for your why? Why every morning, your heart can’t help but shine. A lighthouse, when all others can see, only darkness. Your light revealing, love found, is the greatest treasure. Fathomed, when love touches, the deepest place. In depth of soul, love deeply moves your being. What’s precious, serving a greater purpose. The time spent, the love cherished, in the beauty exchanged. You don’t, need a clock to tell your heart, it’s time to move. It becomes automatic, every heartbeat, resonating its own distinct rhythm. Love, shouldn’t need to work hard, to prove anything; just everything, love’s meant to be. Dare to become endearing, in every way. A heart, displaying true dedication, with loving devotion. So, don’t let it get twisted; your heartstrings, tied up with Not’s. Not the right time, Not able, Not worthy. Love, meant to be given, Not taken, back by manipulative intent. It’s Not, for the plunder, but to be a wonder… ful experience, a loving gift. It’s not, found in the stars, but when through a loving heart, it becomes a heavenly gaze. Even though, hearts may seem light years apart. Love beyond limits, will show a heart devoted. Dedicated, twenty four, seven. On a well-marked freeway, or even when the road, takes an uncertain detour. Love will be the GPS, leading a Dedicated Heart on a journey, to demonstrate the truest love… faithfully!


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