Here, in Your Love!

The beginning, starts with life, is but a breath. How do you find words, when words won’t be enough, to capture a lifetime, of moments lived? What do you do, when words are heard; but your heart not understood? When the heart aches, every breath is tightly held. Here, in Your love, hope is found, peace becomes the stillness. Just one moment, in love’s embrace gives my soul, the strength it needs. People, looking from the outside in. May think you seem so strong, but it’s only, in whom you find your strength. The truth, everyday; I’m hanging on, to enduring love. My love story, written before my soul, took its first breath. While, my heart beats, my confidence is this? Every tears, every bottled up emotion, will never be wasted. In the reign, love pours into my soul, through an open heart. So I can receive, love’s endearing grace. When, my breath is slipping away, and heartache slips in between. Deep love, helps me breathe. The banner, over every circumstance; unfailing love. In brokenness, in every valley, in the struggle, in the questions, in the depth of my soul. Sweet love, in every need, it meets me here, in my heart. Friend, in the grief, in the tears, in the courage, with prayer, I will meet you there. Resting, in the breadth of God’s love, what makes all things, every breath become new. In your heart, where loving memories, live forever!

A poem: You live, in our heart, in our soul. You live, your heart won’t be forgotten, nor the memories fade away. You live, time can’t erase. What the heart, won’t let be erased, by the sands of time. You live, the night can’t eclipse, what love will enlighten. You live, in reflections, in the impression. You lived, you’re living, loved ones will forever be alive, in our hearts!

This piece, is dedicated to Vivian Schrock, and her four kids. Who lost their husband, and father, a couple days ago. Keep them in your prayers. I can relate, next month would have been my daughter’s birthday, and it’s the one year anniversary, of her passing. The link to her website, God’s whispers of truth, can be found Here. There’s also a link (Here), to a song called meet me here. It speaks, to what we all face, in this journey called life!


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