Her Strength!

Every day, her heart rises, to the challenge. The personification, the representation, her quintessence. Life shapes, her love becomes. Deepened, heightened, enlightened, emboldened; profound. A woman’s worth, because you’re you. Her love, endearing, her heart, enduring, her soul, unfolding. Her story, compelling, her existence, prevailing. Doing it all, giving her all; her affection, revealing her deepest desire. Her passion, to show you her heart. Her intimacy, into you to see. Her devotion, unyielding, her humanity, love a thousand ways. What weighs on her, not love on the brain, the love on her heart. Her friendship be received, her kindness be accepted, her tenderness be felt. Her warmth exposed, her amour respected; love unconditional. Her essence, the inner beauty. Her poetry, love in motion. Her muse, self in diverse means. Her contemplation, accomplishments with hopes and dreams. Her clarity, the untainted perspective. Her resolve, powerful. Her purpose, consequential. Her initiative, pivotal. Her being, to be reckoned. For her Strength, her characteristics, undeniable!


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