The Reflection!

The dreamer, and the dream. The heart awakened, with a renewed inspiration. To not let love, fade into the peripheral. The profound, the true meaning. Love’s truest expression, seen in a perfect light. Where reality is known, but the evidence never realized. Real love revealed, always be a beautiful reflection, more than superficial. Every day, we face the mirror. The look within, to be enlightened. What was, what is, what changes. So, your love can be a reflection, in life, in heart, in mind, in soul. The prism, with the lens exceeding, black and white. In the mirror, the colors of love, reflects its purest form. A splitting image, can evolve into splitting hairs, in a tainted perspective. If the ends, justifies the means. Love is an extension, not a buy product, it’s freely given. Love, never meant to be a shiny surface, but a deep impression. So the likeness resonates, being a true portrayal. A picture, with a thousand words. A mirrored love, a reciprocated demonstration, not a one sided reflection. A daily look in the mirror, refocuses the heart, beyond the imperfections. When love, needs to be a distinguishable display; for me it starts, with the man in the mirror. The innermost, brings into the light. What’s on the outside, your light will illuminate. The heart perceives, what the love concedes. It’s not show and tell, but in the image created. In the mirror, be a Reflection… of the truest love!


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