Je Ne Sais Quoi!

Into words, I don’t know what, but my heart knows, the phenomenal quality. Put it into words, I don’t know why, but within my bones, the presence is felt. My soul captured, by the prevailing word; love. I don’t know when? But, I know for sure, it was a predestined encounter. The place where, love finds forever. Where breadth becomes, your soul’s confession, in a heartfelt expression. Into words, how; when the love blows the mind. Real love, has that certain moment. When the desire, transcends the feeling. When, the love becomes amazing, beautiful, from the inside out. The heart, would certainly be remised. If it didn’t wholeheartedly mention, when the love, became a wonder… to behold. Deep love, nothing less than extraordinary, distinguishable. The unfathomable depth, when the exploration takes you to that certain place, drowning breathlessly!

Profound love, has that simplistic nature, and essence. Though the why, sometimes evades the mind. The soul, will know there’s that certain… something, becoming everything. A heart in a place, where not even a single word, will adequately define, love’s deepest secrets. An indescribable love, but having certain moments. When your heart surely knows, love, sees into your soul. True love, leaves your soul with that certainty… My heart, now knows the what, the why, the when, the where. The peaceful stream, soothes. The deep river, captivates. The oceans depth, overwhelms. Love’s quintessence, I don’t know what, a heart can truly do? If living, isn’t your heart and soul, knowing it’s forever, in love’s sweet embrace!


4 thoughts on “Je Ne Sais Quoi!

  1. ‘The soul, will know there’s that certain… something, becoming everything.’ Breathtaking, Awesome, Profound..!! So pure.. This is what Love is all about.. A soul’s special characteristic, its natural quality.. Its identity.. Bravo..!!👏🏼👏🏼😇👌🏼👌🏼

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