Her Wings!

An angel, her soul has wings. A heart, pure like a dove, will surely rise to the heavens. Love, graceful as a butterfly. A display, what true beauty becomes. When, love hovers breathlessly, it doesn’t drift aimlessly. Love ascends, showing other hearts, they too can take flight. Swept away, by a breathless elevation. A heart, with wings like an eagle. Spans love, expands breadth. With such depth, her love empowered; she’s like the wind, your heart is moved. Outstretched love, doesn’t swoop in to devour. On the wings of love, the pinnacle discovered. Even a rare bird, has profound wings. You don’t, have to be a Robin, to be fly. The world gets to behold, how beautifully a mother, spreads the wings of her heart. A virtuous love, the soul sings like a sparrow. Daily, like a Phoenix, passion rises from the ashes, love into a new horizons. Her wings, doesn’t have to be unique in form; just faithful, in deed. Every day, her love renewed, rising to be the wind. Her natural glow, illuminates her endearing characteristics. In the wake, the height of her heart revealed, true love is her timeless legacy. Every day, her radiant wings elevated. For, when she lifts them up, her heart will fly, and her soul will soar!


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