To Be, or Not to Be?

How can it Be, my heart protected, from the endless rain? When, my soul won’t stop pouring? We can’t, control what the future brings, change what the past has taken. Yet, what’s not today, can still Be… tomorrow. Questions, find answers. When the heart, is in the right place. The perspective, aligned with the breadth you take, and what, you allow the love within, to become? Love, will Be the only consistency. When love truly speaks, words of life, it will Be. And, when it resonates, a persuaded heart, profoundly will it become. Perpetual love, wielded outside of its peripheral sheath. Will surely penetrate, through and through. To be just, more than the rhetorical; to be, or not to be? Love, doesn’t thrust itself. In its endearing silhouette, true love unequivocal, it will Be… felt. Likened to a crimson hue, a moving expression, a humbling experience. Though chaos looms, never love unbecoming. Into the madness, it comes running. Not to save, but Be, affirming. Peace in the moment, hope for the future!

You, don’t have to be strong, in speech. Just have strength enough, so the love can become, everything it needed to be. To be, doesn’t mean with no mistakes. Just transformed, by what the heart will concede. The answer, to true love, precedes the question. Will you allow it, to be, or not be, in love forever. The breadth of love, catches the heart, when it’s falling. Holds your breath, until breathless becomes your soul. Speaking, through the innermost, from the start, you shall know the heart. Love, kept it mind, never realized; it not in-deed. An act once, needs to be an action seen, over and over. Love, not a play with words, but one’s heart, expressing its sincere characteristic. The opening up of the heart, should end as it began. A sincerely spoken soliloquy, of the love still… to be!


5 thoughts on “To Be, or Not to Be?

  1. “You, don’t have to be strong, in speech. Just have strength enough, so the love can become, everything it needed to be. ” – this is brilliant and true. Valiant piece my friend 🙂

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