In the Reign!

In the storm, love’s reign finds you, in the hurricane. A heart deeply touched, builds up mist, moisture falling from the soul. In the most trying times, drops of love rest unadulterated, the reign cascading beautifully. When a soul is swayed, by an endearing reign. Your heart is exposed, a soul drenched by love. Living in the reign, heartfelt precipitation, brings anticipation. A heart soaked, in love’s profound gratification. Love, the breadth in the lungs. In the reign, hope is not lost, for peace is discovered; pour out the praise. Though nightfalls, in the twilight the rainfalls, sorrow making the heart cry. Be encouraged, in the dawn, let the raindrops fall on roses. A heart, wisked like a kitten. The love holding you, like a warm woolen mitten. In love’s reign, there will be rainstorms, tears bursting through the cloudy… moments. But even though, let your soul be, thunder roaring. A heart swept away, by love’s torrential reign. Though your soul is bombarded, with relentless grief. Though the heart feels heavy, overwhelmed by an unrestrained flood. In the midst, in every season, love reigns true. Pouring, to wash away heartache. When the tears fall, don’t despair. Open up your heart, lift up your hope. Let your soul slow dance with love, in the Reign!


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