The Difference!

From a distance, every heart, looks the same. The blood is pumping, the day is racing, the beat is jumping. Love fills the moments, makes the distinction, between every breath you take. Making a difference, love with sacrifice. In the morning, when the heart rises, but you fall again. What makes, the next breath stand out from the rest, you rise again. To let your love see how, your heart moves to a different beat. I may not, always recognize the man in the mirror. But I, just need to know, how to always be the reflection, of love. Even if, I don’t have the best plan, I still need to be a man. Br a heart and soul, guided by love’s perpetual grace. I don’t want, to be words just saying, become a love pretending, a heart not being… intentional. Every heart, wants to make a difference, but the love can’t be, indifferent. Wasted days, wasted nights, becomes wasted moments. A heart breathing out, the same old love. Thus, stagnated be the breadth. Wanting, to be profoundly changed, from the inside out. A love that will linger, fragrant will it be, flagrant will never become the essence. Love, teaches the heart to listen, not just hear. Helps you to perceive, if it’s being received. Love gives faith the vision, to see past the eyes. Moves the heart, to become more than just heartbeats, but be undying love, echoing beyond sentiments. Love, what makes the difference, in every beating heart!


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