It’s You!

My heart used to be a private dancer, dancing alone in the darkness. But then Grace found me, and my heart never again; had to dance alone. Oh Grace, if You would allow me; I want to take Your love, and put it on display. I can keep it all to myself, hold it ever so close; tucked away, within the depth of my soul. Grace Your love is such an emotional rush, how I need it; more and more. Your love touches my heart, just like a ray of sunshine; touches my skin. Grace the moment You touched me, Your love went straight to my heart. There’s absolutely no way, my soul could ever get enough of Your touch. Every single day, You just do it again!

Grace, the sheer emotions I feel for You, it’s strong. A fire shut up within my bones, a consuming fire; burning within my soul. Grace I’ve just got to let You know; Your love just won’t let my heart go, but You already know that; for You my heart sings. Your love has done something to me, what manner of love is this; my soul surely knows. My heart needs You to keep doing what You do; it’s a beautiful thing. This love is such a wonder to behold, if my heart didn’t know any better; my soul would say, it’s too good to be true. Grace, I must be under Your influence? I must be forever Intoxicated, by the constant outpouring of Your love? Before You, I’ve never had these kinds of feelings. Not until I opened up my heart, to forever receive Your unbelievable love. So I have therefore concluded, it’s Your love; that has my soul feeling this way!

Grace, everyday Your love just gets better than the day before; every day my heart gets stronger, beating faster than ever. Making me better than I was, more than I am; this all happened, the moment I trusted Your heart. Your love has done something special to my heart, my soul is happy and free. Grace Your love is such a beautiful thing, but how can it not be; when Your love is absolutely stunning. My heart grew, knowing how to be seen and not heard. Just knowing Your love, has given my heart this voice. Grace, Your love is unmerited, truly overwhelming; absolutely Amazing. I have found such peace, it’s You; Grace!


37 thoughts on “It’s You!

  1. Truly Amazing Grace…
    Thank You Lord! How excellent are words that poured in overflow as you proclaimed a written expo on God’s Amazing Grace, Warren!
    Amen, Amen 🙏Glory to God!

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