Power, and Strength!

• I have the power to think, to act; but power with misguided strength, is not true power!

• I have the power to pull down, but do I have enough strength; to know how to build up?

• I have the power to speak my mind, but it takes a greater strength; to have the will to restrain that power!

• I have the power to keep silent, but do I have the strength to speak up; when the truth needs to be heard?

• The power of positive thinking is good, but the strength to always think positively; that’s the key to affect a positive change!

• There’s absolute power in the words, that comes out of my mouth; but I’ve gained such an unbelievable amount strength, just knowing how to listen!

So therefore, let me lend you my ear, let me listen to your heart. Knowing how to hear a heart other than your own, demonstrates strength of character. I’ve learned how to tap into the Power, knowing where my true Strength is found; has opened my heart to that true source of Power. Knowing how to use that power, the love that emanates within!

Overwhelmed some days becomes my heart, by a love so amazing; the absolute perfect balance of Power and Strength. The power I need, when my strength feels gone. The strength I need, when I need the power to keep going. God’s love is that unbelievable Strength, the love with so much Power; the love that is my breath!


30 thoughts on “Power, and Strength!

  1. Marvellous! Beautiful words. 💖

    You are one of my nominees for the sunshine blogger award. I will publish it soon. I did not provide new questions for you (sometimes, I do not follow rules 😅), but perhaps you can answer the same questions provided for me if you want. It’s your choice, I do not want to pressure you at all. I just hope that you will read the nominees section when it’s convenient for you. Thanks very much indeed. Have a brilliant day! 😁

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  2. So very true. ”The power of positive thinking is good, but the strength to always think positively; that’s the key to affect a positive change!”. Yes, God’s love is the source of strength. Thank you for the message. 🙏🏼😇

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  3. Wow, absolutely beautiful.

    Every day I am reminded how without HIS strength, I’m incapable of getting through anything. Some days even more so than others.

    Thank you for sharing this. Very true.

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  4. I Strongly Agree With Those Words that You Have Shared Here. The Are Powerful Because He Is Powerful. It Is His Strength That He Has Given Me For Me To Do As I Do For His Purpose!!I Need Him 24/7 In My Life!! Never A Shame To Let Anyone Know It. Thank You For Sharing!! God Bless You As You Are Allowing Him To Use You For His Purpose!! Halleujah!! ((Hugs)) 🙂 \0/\0/

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