We are living in times, where there is a noticeable disconnect; between hearts, and minds. Hearts today are so divided; “a Rogue nation, that’s what hearts have become!” Hearts today seems so out of control, can we truly call ourselves; “civilized!” The love within so many hearts has waxed cold, the candles that used to burn bright within our hearts; some now but a mere flicker!

Hearts around the world have become dreadful, wickedness has seized the moment; hearts have lost its moral compass. The mind will boldly go to strange new places, but the heart; the heart has lost their way, trying to discover a new frontier!

Lord, help us; with every new course we chart, we seem to drift further from Your love. It will truly make it difficult, for us to find our way back; to a similar place in time, we can never turn back the hands of time. A Rogue nation, that‘s what I feel we are; a change of heart is what Your heart would like to see. As for me and my heart, I would rather my heart ceased to be; than to allow it to fall in line, with such Rogue hearts!


28 thoughts on “Rogue!

  1. your words are so tragically true………people have lost their moral compass………..prayers for a healed, and delivered nation with with love and compassion…….wonderful post as always Warren.

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