Cracks, lines along the surface; some, indicative of underlined signs of stress. How deep do they go, how deep will you allow them to go? If someone steps on a crack, will you allow it to break your back? There is a glue, a love that will be the cement. A love that will fortify, the soul of the broken hearted. Pour out your heart, let God‘s love; forever fill the cracks. We all have vulnerable points, that tries to separate your heart from true faith. A disconnect between the heart and the mind. Cracks within the armor, doesn’t mean you’re losing the battle; fight the good fight, let praise be the weapon!

Life comes with a lot of potholes, deep wounds can become the divide; don’t allow a pothole, be the straw that breaks the camels back. Don’t let cracks break your spirit, even the smallest hairline fracture; have the potential to turn into a truly serious pothole; even within a strong faith. Some hearts live in glass houses, and some people like to hurl stones; at what they believe to be a heart of glass. Trying to break your faith, trying to turn your beliefs into a fragile situation. He who is without sin, cast the first stone!

Don’t let indifference, or a serious case of apathy; create gaps, within a flawed belief system. Cracks that tend to form; within the smallest crevices, of a shaky foundation. That may eventually turn into an undeniable rift, between your very heart and soul. Narrow minded cracks, can quickly become a problem. If your foundation isn’t firmly built, upon the truth of God’s grace. Positive thinking is good, but it needs to be cemented; within God’s unfailing love!

From time to time I will crack a few jokes, use humorous expressions to lighten the mood; but you will never hear my heart, say an unkind word. We should never try to exploit the cracks within the fabric of others; with the intent to leave them broken, or utterly devastated. With a gentle nudge, but never with a forceful shove. Help them see that it’s not rocket science, you don’t need to crack the code. Iron sharpens iron, but a sharp tongue; can truly shatter. Even if it’s just a small crack, within an already broken heart!


33 thoughts on “Cracks!

  1. beautifully written post. “a sharp tongue; can truly shatter”……….so very, very true…….words to hurt and we need to lift each other up in words and deeds and prayer. Bless you Richard!

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  2. I read this earlier Warren. Was fixing to comment and said no that doesn’t do it justice. So I reread it just now and still for the life of come up with anything. There is too many nuggets in here to choose! Great post!

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  3. God Bless You!! Thank You for sharing. May we continue allowing the Holy Spirit to lead, and direct our path, to lead us in the right direction. There are truly a lot of Hurting people that do need to know about the Love of Jesus Christ. The Spirit and Flesh is at War!! ((Hugs)) Shalom!! Agape!! 🙂

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