A Vision, of Forever!

When I lay my heart down, even when my soul is absolutely wide awake; a vision is ever before my heart. A vision that lingers, throughout my heart and soul. I will fully open up my heart, just so my soul might get a true glimpse; of this vision of love. A love with so much beauty, but what my heart first felt; was the strength. This love moved my heart with such conviction, but the vision is what captured my gaze. Hello, my heart just melted. Love had me at hello, when love spoke into my soul. A vision of love absolutely stunning. A vision that consumes the heart, a love that truly overwhelms the soul. A love that will truly last, forever!

Instantly I felt it, never have I regretted it. I could sense that this love had an end game. The true vision, to forever move my soul. To make a blind man see, to make a soul truly believe; that the vision would forever change my heart. Oh heart of mine, what does forever truly mean to you? Would a thousand years feel like a day, or would just one day; feel like forever? Can it truly be yours, right here, right now. Can it truly be a vision, of forever?

My heart has come to know, that forever would not be just a feeling; but the vision. Forever was the Beautiful Exchange; a love that forever changes the heart. But before forever could truly be realized, I had to truly start living; within the here and the now. Not to live a dream, but to be part of the vision. Not to just imagine, but visualize my forever. Not just a vision for the eyes to see, but a vision for a soul to feel; through the true vision of love. Your love is my forever, so therefore I give the love within. Move my soul with Your love; always, forever. I don’t need much, I don’t want anything; but Your love, forever!

Stay right there; give my heart sweet dreams of Your forever, and the day. Don’t keep my heart in suspense, hover over my soul; make the vision plain, write it on my heart. So I can truly know what came first; the vision of Your love, or Your love as the vision? I was created to see, to see greater things. I will open my soul, until my heart becomes a true reflection of love. Open up my eyes, so I can forever see; into Your heart. You are a vision, my vision of love is You. Let me see into Your heart, let me see a Vision of Forever, with You!


22 thoughts on “A Vision, of Forever!

  1. “Don’t keep my heart in suspense, hover over my soul; make the vision plain, write it on my heart.” LOVE this line Warren…….it really touched a strong feeling I have in my heart too. Bless you.

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