My Precious!

My precious, Your love is wrapped around, wrapped up around my heart. Tight, the love is tight, snug; with a forever tug on my heartstrings, how it should forever be. Strike up the band, the love will forever strike a cord. A symbol; undying, and forever it will be. Every gaze takes my breath, but it’s also the very same love; how I breathe. How delightful the moments, the waltz; the slow dance with my heart, how precious. Small still, true whispers of love. Captivated, the beauty; what has forever captured my heart. A forever love, nothing else will ever compare. Every encounter, held forever close to my heart!

My precious, Your love is the object of my affection, the presence that moves my soul. The substance, the love my heart will never try to waste. You are, Your love is; everything, a love close to my heart. A true work of art, picture perfect; but so high was the cost. The length and breadth, as far as the east is from the west. A love absolutely priceless, more precious than silver and gold. Forever cherished, so hallowed; my dearly beloved. Lord, Your love is a treasure, truly a precious love; beyond all our wildest dreams. Precious, forever this love; the love within my heart. A true symbolic expression, of Your heart!


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