Song Inspired; You Are The Reason!

My heart is breathing, Your love keeps it beating; forever racing, to get closer to Your heart. One, maybe too many times; my heart found itself; in an oh too familiar place. My heart was too much at home, in a place; called silence. My mind sometimes got in the way, six inches; between the head and the heart. But the distance, kept my heart tripping; stumbling in the dark. What once seemed like a chasm, now filled with Your love. The love in Your heart is the reason, the only reason; why I never lost my mind, alone within the silence. Your love is the stillness within my soul, the voice that echoes within my heart. Your love met me where I was, yes; You are the reason, why my heart won’t ever stop racing!

Your love stilled my soul, but let’s my heart keep racing. Quieted my heart, but a love fierce like thunder; forever stirs up my soul. You are the reason, why I’m even breathing. So I hope, that You’ve never looked at me differently? When I seem so absolutely hopeless, in love with You. It’s Your love that gives me the courage, to conquer every mountain; the strength to swim within Your ocean. My every breath, comes from Your love; but You already know that. Even if I tried, my heart could never keep from You the secrets; buried deep within my soul. You are the reason, why my heart is not afraid; to breathe… out every single word!

Just to be with You, for my heart to get to know Your love; beyond my expectations. Your love is the fix, when the moment; is called broken. How can my heart ever repay, Your love came and fixed; what I thought was forever broken. You are the reason, Your love is the only reason; I am whole, no longer broken. Through every valley, Your love has a forever hold; what makes my heart feel safe. Your love has a true hold, but it’s to Your heart; I will forever cling. I have a desire, my heart has just one desire; lost forever within Your love!

Everyday Your love reminds my heart, why I love You so. You are the reason, there’s absolutely no other reason; why my heart would want to keep breathing. There it goes again, Your love just won’t let it stop; the tears, are falling. Overwhelmed, the feeling. You are the reason, the one and only reason; why my heart keeps on beating. I’m writing this down, not because I need everyone to see. But because I need Everyone to know, You are the reason; to how I feel. They need to see, they need to know. Until my very last breath; You Are The Reason!

Today’s song Inspired; is a song released in 2018, by Calum Scott. An English singer, songwriter. In 2013, he won a talent competition put on by his local newspaper. In 2015, he became known worldwide; after competing on the popular television show, Britain’s Got Talent. Mar 8, 2019.

#Happy International Women’s Day!


21 thoughts on “Song Inspired; You Are The Reason!

  1. “The love in Your heart is the reason, the only reason; why I never lost my mind,” This is so very true for all of us, and I wish others would realize that Jesus really is the One who keeps us in our right minds.

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