The Introduction; Say Something!

Say something, so much is said: but my heart is desperately trying to interpret, say something. I am the one, the only; but yet the distance, still overcomes the miles. My heart will never be, what you will it to be. I am just me, won’t you just let me be; me, myself, I… will always love you, I just need you to say something. My heart doesn’t want to follow, it needs to learn how to be led. So teach me, show my heart the example; I know right, but see much wrong. Lead the way, don’t just show which way to find; the road less traveled. Around the bend, but how could my heart have known; the road was so long, and winding? I would have loved, to take the journey together; I needed you, to say something!

Say something, anything; say you, say me. Make my heart understand, break the silence within; don’t leave it broken. Giving up on you, will never cross my heart; hope to die, not an option. I will stumble, I will fall; but that will not be all. I have strength within, yes; I’ll rise again. How can I learn to love, strife was the lesson being taught? Swallow the pride, love covers; love in true harmony. Say something, before it’s too late; time is passing. No, time has passed; you no longer need to say anything. It’s no longer about something; but Someone. My heart has found a love, “The Quiet Love;” that has filled the void. The Reason, why my heart; now has so much to say!

This particular piece is a bit different, it speaks a little to how I felt growing up. I was an only child, an introvert; from a single parent home. I never felt close enough to my mother to open up, express feelings. My grandma and I on the other hand, was very close. I’m sure for my mother, breaking into Fort Knox; was probably easier. Just like Jericho, I was tightly shut up. It took forty years in the wilderness, but the walls started to come down. As a child, I sent many days alone, or feeling alone; even with others around. Family functions I would just sit alone in a corner, watching everyone was my entertainment!

I had a few friends, but TV and music; were what helped to occupy my time, listening to music was my solace. I didn’t know it then, but God was already my everything. Ten years ago when I turned forty, God showed me. That He was watching, hovering, teaching, leading. His great love, was guiding my heart; within the silence. That‘s when I realized, that I was never truly alone growing up. I had a Father, not just a Father; a Daddy. But not just a Daddy, a Friend; closer than a brother, forever loving on my heart. The Who, has My Affection!

Last week’s song Inspired post; You are The Reason. Talks to the Why, the reason why iWrite; the reason there is a why. The next two posts, will also tie into the story!


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