My Affections!

Favor, Virtue, Love; what Your heart sees in me. So in turn why wouldn’t my heart, express My Affections? Such a gentle feeling, a genuine closeness; wrapped up within such overwhelming emotions. A true and lasting fondness, within this heart of mine; affections of love. I will endlessly offer You, words of endearment. Love will forever be the sentiment, but with my undying devotion. For Your love, has taken such good care of my heart and soul. A soul truly affected, but a heart; forever changed. A heart firmly rooted, a soul deeply grounded; Your love, my foundation. A love that brings out so much emotion, but within the stillness of heart; quiet affections. You already have my heart and soul. So what I will forever offer to You, my admiration!

If truth be told, I don’t want my heart to get the attention; don’t want my heart to be the spotlight. All I prefer, all I’ve ever needed; Your quiet love, forever slow dancing with my heart. But that’s the beauty within this, it’s not about me. Your love gets center stage, it’s Your heart on display. Your love is; The Reason, for the spotlight. Being vulnerable, is not a weakness. But true strength, for a heart willing to be on display, with true affections. Your love moves my soul, but has a forever hold; on my heart. I don’t need tailored pretty words; as a show of my affection, or to be forever in love. Before I took a breath, even before my heart knew what it was to breathe. Your love was, now is; but will forever be, my heart and soul!

My mind at times tries to run wild, but in the quietness. Your love stills my soul, where my heart has learned to breathe. Your love is my calm, within the madness. I know You are for me, with me; no one else, truly knows me. How can I ever live, ever breath; without Your love? Still my soul, let Your voice be all I hear. My Affections are for You, help me to truly see; but fix my heart, on the things my eyes will never see. While my heart is loving on You. May I never neglect to share the love, the passion, the warmth afforded to my heart; with those closest to my heart. Like a feather caught up within the wind, breathe within. Have Your way with my heart; until my soul is, swept away. Your love is within This Place; here, now, forever!

  • Here is the post I was planning to post last Friday, I had to take the last few days for family. I have also decided to changed the days I post, read, comment; the balance that I’ve allowed to get unbalanced. Weekends are going to be dedicated to keep the balance how it should be!

  • I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I look forward to reading as much of your post that I have time for!

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