The Quiet Love!

Within the stillness, within the quietness of my heart; where the love resides. Within the quietness, the place I sometimes felt unwanted; but yet within the stillness, forever loved. Speaking to myself, how it may have seemed? To me, myself; but I… was never alone, there was a quiet love. I couldn’t see it, didn’t yet know it. Small still were the whispers, speaking love; Encamped within my soul. I could have gone mad, but that was never my destiny. There was a quiet love, breathing; moving within every breath of my heart. One heartbeat, within a resounding love. Within the quietness, within the stillness of my soul; where my heart learned how to breathe!

A heart predestined, set apart to know; how to interpret what can only be heard, through the stillness of the soul. My heart can take no credit, the love that breathes within; This Poetic Love. A Silent River, stirred forevermore; by an ocean of love. A quiet love, resting beautifully within my soul. Watching, hovering, leading; guiding my heart, within the quietness. Asking my heart to not only quote verses, but to show vulnerability as strength. By letting the love etched through the quietness, be the Inspired verse. Not to show proof of an undying commitment, not to show the depth of the love; but show what it truly means, to be a heart unashamed. A heart that has found so much beauty, within a resounding love; within the quietness of my soul. A love that helps my heart to breathe, to a soul forever set free!

Within the quietness, so much was said; but no words needed to be spoken. What resonates, what is heard loud and clear; silent whispers. The love within every capture, is the love penned down; within every verse. Words will never get in the way; between my heart, and every breadth of this quiet love. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, when emotions get the best of me. I retreat to the quiet, to hear a peaceful hush. Within the quietness, where I found my confidence; where my heart found a voice. The Place, where my heart is always left speechless; but it’s now my soul, that’s left forever moved. A child once so reserved, now with a heart; unrestrained. This is The Introduction, welcome to my heart; to The Quiet Love, that breathes within!

  • This is the next part to the story that I’m sharing this week. I have also highlighted, and linked some previously told stories; for those who may not have been around when I posted them last year. They all tie into the story at some point. I hope this post, and the others are a blessing!


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