The Dilemma!

My mind used to constantly wrestle with my heart, trying to get between my heart and soul. So, when my heart and mind had a conflict, but my soul was forever resolute; in whom was the resolution, would that be considered a dilemma? Yes, my heart was absolutely willing to do anything, for Your love. But yet a made up mind, would still at times ponder. Ask the question, is the absolute; meant truly willing to do anything? So therefore the heart and mind would forever wrestle; Anything, became the dilemma. To see whether it’s the heart, or the mind; that has the true lasting influence, over the soul!

Your love has such an influence within my soul, the true deciding factor; for any dilemma. The resolve, the tug on the heartstrings. But the mind decided it wanted the freedom to resist, so the dilemma: turned into a tug of war. The mind declared war, against the tug; the mind didn’t want strings, influencing any of the decisions. Why does the mind, always want to get in the way; of the heart? Oh, but why should there ever be a real dilemma? When the heart and mind, is absolutely nothing; without a contented soul. Your love moves the heart, but the mind was not always convinced; that it even wants to be moved, out of the way. So hence the dilemma, but my heart stood firm on the belief; that Your love would forever be the resolve!

Some days it was a knock down, but the same dragged out dilemma. Your love should have never been, what got caught in the middle. The heart wanted what it wanted, and my mind thought it was only about the needs… of the moment. Only to realize, Your love already had; My Affections. My mind was at times in the clouds, but my heart; captured by a gaze. By a heart that was the embodiment of a love, a reflection of true perfection. From the moment this love tugged on my heart strings, the battle for my heart and soul was won. For years, this love has taught my heart; that it’s not about a physical, but an ongoing spiritual battle!

So I had to train my mind, how to take every thought captive. To let my mind know, it will forever be a one sided conflict. The love within my heart and soul, Undisputed. There was a real question to be had, but it was never a true dilemma. My soul, let’s my heart make all the decisions. My heart and mind no longer has a dilemma. It was such a beautiful coming together; to behold the true beauty of this love. The day this love left my heart breathless, leaving the mind completely stunned. To know that the mind, will always be led; by the love within. This love is the forever coach for my heart, the love that instructs my mind; on how to deal with matters of the heart. No more contentious disputes, between the heart and mind. There will never again be conflict resolution initiatives. My heart and mind no longer has; The Dilemma!

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