If my heart was to dance endlessly with Your love, would endlessly; mean a heart left forever breathless?

If my soul was to only get but a glimpse into Your heart, would just a mere glimpse; take my every breath?

If I allowed my heart to be captured, with every single glance into Your love; would You ever allow a captivated heart, a chance to breathe?

If my soul gazed forever into Your heart, would what I see as forever; be enough to show me, the length and breadth of Your love?

If I couldn’t find the right words, if my heart was absolutely lost for words? If I couldn’t even express, what I was truly feeling inside? Would Your love truly be content, with no words; but a heart forever breathless?

If my heart was lost deep within Your love, would it cause You deep sorrow? Knowing my heart wasn’t breathlessly searching, desperately wanting; to be found by You?

The tears that flow, from this endless dance; cries within my soul. Every mere glimpse, by a captured heart; has become a forever gaze. The words, that once seemed lost; found within an ocean love. The words now flow from within, a once silent river. A river no longer content, living just within the silence. The mere thought of living without Your love, means not truly living. A heart on a forever journey, searching the deep; but breathless!

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