My Hallelujah!

Praise, Worship; a soul forever rejoicing, in spirit, in truth. Words of expression, affection, affirmation; hallelujah. Asking, Seeking, Knocking; undistracted devotion, for only You, oh Lord. Peace, be still; a love that be-stills my soul. Storms become the calm, a silent river; flow river flow. From glory to glory, strength to strength; the love that forever moves my soul. Hallelujah, praise to the One; who set my soul free!

A love, a song playing within my heart. Melodies of joy, melodies from heaven; a hymn for my soul. ‘Tis so sweet, to trust in Jesus; just to take Him at His Word. To rest upon His promise, just to know, “Thus saith the Lord!” Jesus, Jesus; how I trust Him. How I’ve proved Him, over and over. I’m so glad, I learned to trust Him. My Precious, my Savior; a Friend, within the quietness. Always with me, and will forever be; to the very end!

May my worship forever be, clean hands, pure heart. Praise up, walls down; a heart exposed. May my love truly be fierce, the heart of a warrior. May every single verse within my soul, be a resounding hallelujah. So take everything, anything I let come between; Your heart, my love. I don’t need it, donโ€™t want things; in between. My passion, my desire, my love. The story within my heart, the love penned down; within the lining of my soul, what iWrite. Who is like unto You, why; I just need You. You deserve the glory, the worship; My Hallelujah, belongs to You!

31 thoughts on “My Hallelujah!

  1. This is beautiful. And your picture glory to glory is so good. I just read that again this week in my devotion time. He takes us from faith to faith and glory to glory. What a wonderful God we serve.

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  2. Praise Be to God! Beautifully Written Warren, inspiring too!
    I hear the many words of adoration echoing loudly, moving, stirring….
    Through the lyrics of songs.
    An invitation to Worship
    To come into the Inner Court
    Lord I just want you…
    Iโ€™m yours…

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