The Pitch!

The pitch, the tone of my heart; moved by the vibration of Your love. My heart may not be perfect, but every flaw; still part of a masterpiece. The sound quality, every variable; the love, I let govern my heart. Deep within the undertone, small still whispers heard within my heart. It’s the love I feel, pitch perfect; a song within my soul. At times ego gets in the way, negativity becomes the downward shift; part of our noticeable flaws. The tone then starts to sound off, to what degree; how the pitch impacts, the receiving heart. I always try to watch, but I realized that a watch; only reveals in time, real change starts within!

I’ve learned that it’s not about the level of intensity, but a point, a degree… of separation. The tone and tenor, within the heart and soul; so important. Don’t let my words hang loose, don’t get caught up in just good vibrations; it’s about the verbiage. A noticeable change, within every spoken word. The instrument that effects true change; the compassion within. An ongoing process, every instrument; requires constant tuning. If the outcome, if your heart truly wants to become; better than most!

The key to any change of tone, will require a mindful thought process. Followed up by real, but frequent reflections; to what’s truly in the heart. Clear your throat, hum a new tune; let the new tone be called, pure in heart. Let your heart be persuaded, not through a sales pitch; but through the Good Book. Talk is cheap, true change is seen; through an action, a chorus of change done together. Even when it’s pitch black, others would rather follow one with a light; not who sounds the loudest, but still lost in the dark!

As humans, we need to speak with one voice. Let our hearts sing in harmony, strive to always be in unity. Let love become the melody, that is truly pitch perfect. It’s not difficult to take it up a level, expressing love in a different note; on a higher level. Letting G… sharp, be the major; be the everlasting cord, that binds us all together. If we just let Real love be the true gauge, to what guides our hearts. The indicator, a loving tone; coming from within. May it forever be, forever be on display; within each notable change!


17 thoughts on “The Pitch!

  1. Warren, this is such a beautiful and inspiring message! As Shantanu said, I love the tone overall: one voice. Our thoughts and words should be the same. May God continue to bless you with words to share with us.

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