Strike a match, set my heart a blaze; let Your love burn deep within. Forge my soul, in the fire of Your love. Until my heart resembles an instrument, forever changed. Beauty from ashes, a heart forged; by the power of real love. So take a front row seat, watch to make sure; it’s a soul on fire. Conduct real time adjustments, make sure it’s a heart; truly ready to serve. Fan the flames, if the wood is ever in question? Would my heart truly be willing, to be totally consumed; by the power of Your love? Strike while the iron is hot, melt my heart; with the passion of Your love!

Your love has opened my eyes, but has forever opened up my heart; to sing of Your great love. Oh strike up the band, Your love is the song; that lets my soul come alive, with the sound of music. Your love is striking, strikingly beautiful; a love that Strikes every cord. Your love Strikes a truly beautiful, a natural tone within my heart. Play my heart, play every sting; just like a finely tuned stradivarius violin. Your love has been so instrumental, what keeps a tone deaf heart; forever in tune. Never stop tugging, on every single heartstring. Your loving touch, truly poised; to Strike all the right cords, within my heart and soul!

Your love is the true composer, my heart; just the string. Play Your heart out, move every bit of my soul; until it’s with the greatest of ease. I will never just strike a pose, it’s not just about positioning; but also a direction, vertical. Ill-advised posturing; serve no true purpose. A heart on display, should not be just for show; but for the true purpose. A heart needs to be a show-stopper, but a true showcase; showcasing the love within. Your love is strategically positioned, at the center of my heart. I would never ever ask Your love, to Strike a deal with my soul. My heart already knows, that Your love is the real deal. But every single day, I will need Your love; to still deal very pointedly with my soul. Deal with my heart, in whichever way Your love so chooses!

Strike down every vain imagination, that wanders across my mind. The true wonder, will forever be Your heart. Your love has always been the only thing, my one thing; my heart has truly ever needed. Your love Strikes the right balance, within my heart and soul. And even though I speak with the tongues of men. Your love has the unbelievable power, to make my heart sing; like an angel. Relentlessly Strike a cord, until my heart and soul is pitch perfect; perfectly in tune, with every breath of Your love. You are the light, Your love lights up my soul. My heart may be in the spotlight, but it’s forever Your love; on display!


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