Black History; Jamdown Style!

Yah, yah; Wah gwaan? Big up (respect), to all of the massive. All the black people, spread out… all over the world. The African people, all fi mi (my) Caribbean bredren, and sistren (brother and sister). Straight from the heart, much love, much respect. Jump up and wave… yuh (your) hand. Bless the One, from whom all blessings flow. Be proud of yuh (your) culture, be proud of yuh (your) heritage. Make fi yuh (your) love sweet, love sweet like sugga. Let love tek ova (take over), move eena yuh (in your) heart. Don’t worry with the fussing, and the fighting. Don’t get involved with the mix up, mix up (other people’s business). Yah mon, yuh (you) done know. One Love, One heart. Let fi yuh (your) light shine, let yuh (your) heart lose interest; for everything fleshly. All of my black bredrens, love and kiss up, pan fi yuh (on your) little island girl. Love her, with all of fi yuh (your) heart! Zeen, bless up!

Black History month, was first a American tradition; started in 1926. Now it’s recognized, by a number of countries. It’s also a part of my heritage, being originally from the Caribbean. I wanted to give tribute, to all the people. Who have made a contribution, to black history. Even though I speak with the English tongue. I do know, and understand the Jamaican patwa (dialect). I thought I would introduce it into the post, as a tribute to the culture. I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe learned something for your repertoire!


25 thoughts on “Black History; Jamdown Style!

  1. Hi Warren! You have me in shock. I did not know you were a Jamaican at heart. Where are you from in the caribbean? I can see that you spend some time in Jamaica. You have captured the essence of Jamaica in that poem. You would do well doing the dance hall DJ. 🙂 I love it. One love!❤ Irie!

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    1. Didn’t just spend time, like you I was born there. Left at age six, and even though Canada has been my home since 1976. The culture, and the music has been a big part of the younger days. When the heart of a silent river can run deep, what will forever pour out; an ocean, that is God’s love. Big up, God bless!


  2. Wow….so sorry I missed this when you first posted it Warren. Thanks for sharing a little bit about who you are. I’ve always wondered about this person with such a passion for God….wondering where you are from….not that it matters, but it was something in the tone of some of your Friday post. So awesome. You were six, I was ten…coming from Barbados 🇧🇧 so awesome 👏🏽

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    1. Wonderful to hear it resonated. From time to time I will share a little about the man, behind the God. The passion is to faithfully share His love, bless others with His words; through the heart He has given me! God bless!

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  3. Me love it to de bone!!! Bless up!!!!! You should add your voice to this rich rendering. Now I know we’re both from yawd!!! I too migrated to Canada, so another thing in common. So great to get to know you this way.

    De piece bad fe true me bredda. Thanks for sending it thru. One love, Dee

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