The Mime!

If I never said a word, would You still know my heart? If I went back, to being a man of few words; could those few words, truly tell You what’s on my heart? I’m a hard man to read, but Your love has always known how; to go beyond, read deeper into… this hard-covered book. I consider myself a man of action, but first I had to learn how to act… not just react. So many have tried to figure out, what moves my soul; how can they get my reaction, reveal what’s in my mime. They wondered, but it was about the wonder. Only if they knew, my heart was focused; but not just on the seen. In the stillness, underneath my every breath. A silent river was learning deeper, the strong silent type knowing the art; seen, not heard. Underneath the quiet, a love being forged; the story being woven!

Growing up, it wasn’t easy to convey; what’s in the heart of few words. The tendency, revert back into the super strong silent type. The super power, a heart forever in disguise. You can look into the eyes, but never know the depth of soul. You can see a smile, and never know if the heart is okay. You can see fast asleep, but not realize… not at rest. Why. I don’t try to rely on just words, my actions; what had to learn how to speak. Not wanting to speak, doesn’t mean the cat has tongue; would rather speak from the heart. You can never know a heart, by reading facial expressions. Understanding, not just discernment; but what’s also revealed… through the heart. Some hearts try to distract, by a fake tear or two. You can disguise feelings, but a heart exposed; reveals a soul in a deeper place. A heart becoming stronger, through, and after the testing; to be able to demonstrate, true strength… in character!

Even though words get lost, in the translation; still express… what’s in the heart. How can a heart tell if the love is moving, without showing you can be moved? You don’t have to be well spoken, to know, to speak with the voice of truth. A heart knowing to show transformed, from a forever shift; in heart and soul. Love should make a heart think outside a box, go beyond the make believe, and the pretend. In my mime, faith taught me how to truly climb up mountains. Through the strength, of a love so amazing. And if my heart ever loses focus, even through the valley. Shadows, weren’t able to cast doubt; within my mime. Some might think, God’s love is theatrical; but it’s truly the most practical, intentional. Taking the heart through stages, to give a soul the true perspective. Half full, or half empty; His love is still water. A love that is forever moving the heart and soul, without needing saying words. When your heart truly knows how to see, the breadth of Your love… forever moving!


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