Song Inspired; Revival!

Your strength, meets us at the place; called weakness. Grace pours out like an ocean, a river with an endless flow; the love so refreshing. When the feeling is called tired, when the candle is in a place named burned out; defeated, doesn’t have to be the heart. When fear grips the soul, and night covers the day. Lifeless faith, can still know Revival; when hope still has breath. Knowing Your love, panic will never be the button… calling my heart. Hope found, pressing deeper into Your heart; words in red letters. No other words, will ever crush my spirit; they don’t have my heart. Vital, the rhythm of dis ya love vital; for my soul Revival. Day after day, when another breadth dawns upon my heart; the love within comes alive. Love calls onto a heart, but the soul has to be willing… to answer the call!

Even when my heart, tasted bitter moments; the love just as sweet. Diving deeper and deeper into the depth, how my heart was Revived; through a constant drowning. The love is water, but moved like an ocean of love. When my soul, had an everlasting thirst. In the crushing… moments, with the pressing… on. After the getting through… the test, the love within; turned into new wine. You can give each cute heart shaped box an uptick, tell your soul; blindly check off all the right boxes. But without a faithful heart check, a true restoration; needs the love to first be Revived. Your body can turn up, but the heart not showing up… in a meaningful way. Don’t call love a comeback, love’s a coming together; a true heart to heart encounters. A soul reawakening, a deep down within heart desire. You can muster up the right amount of faith, add just the right kind of luster to hope. But the heart still needs to be in the right place, for the love to shine… bright. Real Revival, through a true connection; with heart and soul. A rebirth, a heart forever made new; by God’s love. A soul knowing true breadth, the heart knowing fully submerged. Forever drowning, in a breathless awe!

This song Inspired, is a song by Zach Williams; an American Christian rock artist from Jonesboro, Arkansas. The song was released in 2016, on the album: Chain Breaker.


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