Hearts hiding, evading a true heart to heart encounter. Hearts are desperately trying to conceal, what’s already known. Underneath the best concealer, we all have flaws. In the right perspective, they can help to redefine; not what defines. We like to wear a mask, thinking your heart doesn’t measure up. We all have scars… to show, the battles we have faced. Even though we tend to hide behind a veneer, God knows your name; everything behind the face. So many believe they have to hide, keep from sight, prevent the heart from being known; the masked feelings. Some hearts project… their own shortsightedness, attempting to make their own mask; seem like a better fit. All that truly is, a masking tape… that peels off; when the heart won’t adhere, to pressure… of others. Sometimes we have to face-off, to reveal what is underneath. My heart ain’t persuaded, by what others think I is.

We live in a fast paced world, but must remember. Love is a show, not just a tell… if what’s shown, is truly recognizable? Some hearts are hiding, from a peering word; love. A heart of stone, can be softened to become a heart saturated, in the true texture; love. We tend to be hearts, with shields up. The love placed in a holding… off pattern; enshrouded in an, impenetrable cloaking device. Love is intentional molded, clay within The Potters Love. Molded, after His own heart. For a soul to know, the true essence of love. The coming together, heart and soul. We’re on a road, but we all a path; that every heart is called to take. You can add true value to the walk, when what you share from the heart, is relatable. You can touch a heart with words, but are the actions… moving? Not just provoke a thought, but make you ponder the true meaning. Inspire the love to act, in a meaningful way. Love is meant to be intense, the passion immense. Not just covered up with pretense, the love looking like pretend!

When love seems the darkest, unveil the heart, let the love shine; to illuminate the way… forward. When the heart is truly free, it will want to soar forever. When the heart soars on high, it’s a freedom cry. When the heart cries, raise a hallelujah; to the God that has set your soul free. Love is sometimes in disguise, just don’t let it mask your true identity. If you truly feel there’s an absolute need in altering, let it be… on your knees. Faith is not just a roadmap for us to follow, it’s a journey to be taken… to find the true destiny. It’s easier to cover up a heart condition, than to let the truth be exposed. De-Mask-Us takes a heart to a place, but De-Mask-Us will reveal the moment. That on the road called life, winding, or broken. There’s a predestined moment, when the heart and soul will have an enlightened encounter; come face to face, with the truth!

Oh Lord, teach us not to hide from Your love. Reveal to our hearts, how to trust Your heart. Let us see that it’s Your light, at the end of our road. Lift the veil, unveil our heart to see clearly; how the story ends. A De-Mask-Us encounter, with You. Show us, what needs to be seen. Even though we hide, remember our face; unmask our hearts. Help us to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Let it be so, De-Mask-Us; in Jesus name!


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