The Thrill, of The Chase!

If my love ever lost sight, got too far from Your heart. It would truly be the forever seek, the get back to the relentless chase… after Your heart. It doesn’t matter for how long, the distance my soul would have to journey. It’s an endless pursuit, until the end of my days. The world would come to an end, but even in death; the chase will never be over. My soul will chase after Your love, within my forever rest. The story is not about a man, and the chasing after love; but being a man after… a heart. I’m not looking to just capture, but to be forever captured… by the love!

Forever captivated, unapologetically smitten; with the love inside the heart, that I won’t stop chasing after. Many have tried, to get in my way, tried to trip up my soul; but they have all come to see. You can’t stop a heart, with an undeniable focus; chasing after such an unbelievable heart. A thirty five year chase, and with every new day; the chase is just as thrilling. A love that thrills, a love that fills… both heart and soul. This love chases away all my fears, and every single shadow that tries; to cast even a smidgin doubt. I’ve been through the valley, but the love has never stopped hovering… over my soul. The chase will surely let my soul embrace, the thrill of victory; and never let my heart endure, the agony of defeat. My affections, the passion, the desire. For the Thrill of The Chase, to never come to an end!


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