Sometimes, I forget to sit up; but never forget to take notice, how much my heart leans on Your love. Sometimes, I have a tendency to hunch; but my heart never has to guess, if Your love will always be there. I couldn’t have never learned, how to not stumble so much. If You didn’t first shown my heart how to walk… gracefully. I can fix my posture, adjust my thinking; but Your love, what changed a broken perspective… within. A silent river, has a voice. A heart can breathe, but knowing what truly moves every breath; will enlighten the deeper meaning. So many, have a good posture; the pretend, that life is about well put together. When the creation precedes, the ability to truly overcome. Trying to fix brokenness on your own, is a futile exercise. You can’t work out, if a work hasn’t first been done… within. We can posture, thinking life is what gives us meaning. One thing is for sure, my heart never wants to be a slouch. Believing, that a heart can never learn anything from Your love; is just a misguided posture!

A heart, not in total alignment with Your love; a posture very much in need, of an adjustment. We can try to straighten up our act, but every trace of resistance; can be traced back, to being the wrong kind of posture. Why, we need to cut out the posturing; while walking the straight and narrow. Our heart needs to do what’s right, not pretend; it’s about the perfect posture. Strong willed, strong emotions will keep you grounded; but strength of character, needs to be part of the equation. We need to keep focus, on the core issues. Why you live, why you breathe; what love is within your heart? The kind of truth your soul inhales, determines what kind of love your heart will be waiting to exhale. A vertical posture, what helps a heart to truly know; the true depth within a soul. Prevailing, when a heart knows it’s not about the posture; but on what you stand?

Into me, what You want to see. From the outside, a good posture looks nice. But it does absolutely nothing, to straighten a true heart perspective. Life is short, the time to stand firm is now. To show a heart forever transformed, and that the true light of love… is in the horizon. You can’t truly see the Son, without knowing His love; shimmers in the moonlight. Glistens within every star, shines forever within the heavens, and bigger than the universe. It’s more than a touch, beyond just a feeling; deeper than just words. A love makes me, better than I am; more than I can hope to be. Why, should I ever need to be fixated on my posture? When this love is still so posed, forever being… my everything. A so called good posture can never ever demonstrate, a heart and soul; with an undistracted devotion. So many look back, trying to understand the true meaning of life? But, it’s not the meaning life gives you that matters; only the meaning, knowing God gives to your life!


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