The Storm!

Your love, stormed the gates of my heart. Relentlessly broke down every barrier, with the breadth of Your love. My shifty walls went up, around my soul; but, resistance was futile. You entered in, made my heart Your home. Like if, Your love already had the master key… to my soul. Hands up, a heart so exposed; the surrender, Your love the embrace. You built up a fortress, of love so strong. A city on a hill, resting on the solid rock. Whenever the enemy attacked, nothing could conquer the love. You became, the defender of my heart; the lover of my soul. When the storms of life come, trying to blow my mind. Your love was, and is the only thing. That has ever been able, to move my heart. Rock solid, how You’ve built the love. Even in a thirty, dry eyed; soul parched world. Your presence is water, flowing… from my eyes. Refreshing my soul, filling my heart. In this life, there will be trouble. While so many hearts, are preparing to battle the coming storms? My heart is waiting, to watch You move… me again. Meet me here again, at that phenomenal place. Right next to Your heart, where my love promises to be. After, my heart has finished sailing through the blue; Your love will forever be, the treasure found!

People might wonder, how I do it; flight through it all? It’s simply this, Your love is the weapon; my heart will forever wield. The lifestyle, for a lifetime. In the Storm, I don’t lose heart. For my heart, Your love will never lose the fight. Even when my light, is eclipsed by a momentary darkness. After every single storm, Your love overwhelmingly shines. In the storm, the love reached in… to the depth, of a silent river. Pulled, on every heartstrings. The love, what gives my faith… so much strength. Your love is, the calm in what I see. Fear, doesn’t move my soul. In You, I always have my peace. A heart and soul still, anchored by Your love. Expressions of gratitude, an exemplified worth; what Your love gives to my heart. Your love never reminds, my heart of the mistakes. Instead, reinforces that the love will be… my destiny. Amazingly, gracefully; Your love became the embodiment, into me You see. More than a touch, greater than all expectations. Beyond wild dreams, Your love became the breadth; the life, in me. The Storm was fierce, but gently You’ve held my soul up. To display how Your love, still continues to transform… this heart of mine!


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