The Drifter!

For years, it was a heart feeling safe; standing on a sinking shore. The sands of time, it has no sway; when forever is the destiny. In the wake, when the soul awakes; the heart understands breadth. Breathless, a heart drowning in the forever; a soul learning, what it needs to breathe. But yet, the heart still hesitates; with the drift out, off the comfort zone. Maybe it’s a heart scared, to get too swept away, and be drowned.. within a deeper love? So, you pull back; instead, of taking the next step. To let your heart drift, into the deeper part… of what a soul needs to see. Not just float, along the surface. I’ve learned, that You have to go beyond feeling; when love comes, to beat against your sure. Are you a heart truly ready, to let love deeply; become your everything? When a heart, is not yet ready to trust; in the surety of a love. Restless, a heart in an endless drift. Content, being tossed and turned by the night; watching to see if the tide, will change!

The humming and hawing, a song in the night, but the words lacking depth. A heart can if, and, or, but; an oar, comes attached, with a boatload of excuses. To Roar and to Soar, let go of the oar. Life is a journey, for a heart to find a deeper meaning. Who wants to be up a creek, when love can become a deep river. The future you see, part of the moments… you get to treasure. Fully submerged, forever within a love so true. Sometimes, our hearts will drift, but we should never let our soul get lost. Drifting, in and out of the silent; how my heart spent so many of the early days. A heart drifting off, captured by the daydream. A heart drifting in and out at times; in a lonely river, but a soul wanting to understand. If being out in the middle of an ocean, can help a soul find the deepest place? I learned how to swim early, but strong willed; you have to learn how to die… to self. Within every deep dive, how your soul experiences… deep places. Being deeply loved, what revives a heart and soul. Resuscitation, life breathed back into a once dying soul. It’s not about mouth to mouth, but every heart to heart… encounter. The Drifter, a soul living forever moved; a heart no longer moving aimlessly, through love!


4 thoughts on “The Drifter!

  1. We are always home when we tap into and connect to God. Ahhhhh and this line is pure magic, “To Roar and to Soar, let go of the oar. Life is a journey, for a heart to find a deeper meaning”. I feel this deeply. Wonderfully expressed Warren, blessings abound🥰🙏😊

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