The Need!

There’s a true need, but so many hearts; seems to be off in the weeds. On their behalf, I have this simply pled. We need to heed, and show more good deeds. I want, hearts to stop with all the greed. Above all, I want wealth, and health. Not for me, my heart has all it needs. This request, I want for all who are struggling, with what they lack. I want, humanity to get back to the place. Where you can again, agree to disagree; to at least be respectful… to one another. I want, for people to stop taking advantage, of all the vulnerable hearts. I want the fast pace, to become moments of a heart reflection. To just slow down, ease a bit off the gas; and gently pump the brakes. So many hearts, are forever racing; so many heartbeats, seems to be out of control. At the end of the day, one thing remain the same. The world is still round, what goes around, still comes around. So therefore, why not the momentary pause; the stop, to truly realize? Life, not about just ending up; right back in the same place, a heart still feeling lost. It’s okay, to ask for a direction. If the want, came get your heart to the need; the predetermined destiny. I want this, I want that. I want every soul to be living well, every heart to be truly swell. Yes, I have many wants, but yet; just one need!

I want your kids, and my kids; to truly know loved. I want every day, to be sunny. I want, long life for my honey. I want my jokes, to tickle her funny; bone of my bone. I want the whether, to cast no more cryptic shadows. Whether your heart, is not worth dying for? You need, to know absolutely. I want, to see world unity. Can anyone, please tell it to my heart. Is asking to see a real peace plan, man; is that just too much of a want? I want, to see more compassion for all. I want Acts, Kindness; to be more than Random, hearts in tandem. Tell me, when does the wants of a heart. Shift into what becomes, the absolute true need? What I truly want, see with all my heart. The relentless pursuit to find, what every heart needs. Just so the nothing missing; can truly become nothing broken. Yes, I know, I know; my heart, wants so much. But, if not me, then who; will know, The Need? In the midst of all the wants, every heart should truly realize. Needs, are graciously being met. This, not about my wishlist; just, the need I have for you. You see, here the thing. As for me, and my heart. I fervently cling, to what my soul forever needs to be, the main thing. For nothing else, will ever do. None of the wants, could ever replace. What has become my one, and only need. What was in a birth, came from the life well lived. A heart willing, to show to what depth; love made this need profoundly possible. A settled heart, will truly know all the wants. Comes out of a soul truly knowing, they already have the one, and only Need!


7 thoughts on “The Need!

  1. This is my favorite of your posts…….I could FEEL your energy, your desire, for not only you and yours to be happy and well but for others. Thank you so much…….I read this as a prayer. Amen, God hear our prayers.

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