You Never Denied Me!

Lord, for years I didn’t know my own worth. Even though You died for me, I had the saddest smile, a distant heart; but You Never denied Me!

My heart was searching for answers, looking for Love and Peace; the search didn’t need any further, than within my own heart. I Looked everywhere possible, But Up; But God. I couldn’t fill my empty cup, my heart was thirsty; my soul was hungry, You Never Denied Me!

Your Love was reaching out for me, perhaps I wasn’t ready to see; maybe my heart was too blind, but now I see. You stood at the door and knocked, but I still won’t let You in. But You still Prayed to the Father for me; “help him to see, that I will Never Denied him!”

But the Father couldn’t at that point help me, I wasn’t yet ready to surrender; I wasn’t yet willing, to go on my knees. I was too strong, to know that I was weak; without the heart changing love of God. I didn’t yet have the strength, to be truly broken; But You Never Denied Me!

So, I wondered within the Wilderness, thinking I was all alone. The Journey was winding, but Jesus; You walked with me. Every single step of my lonely road, You Never Denied Me!

Lord, I’m Ready to surrender to You, I’m on My knees, Have your way in Me, Renew My Faith, I want to know My Worth! I don’t need to Search any longer! I have Your Love and Peace in My Heart, My Cup’s Running Over and I don’t Hurt anymore, All because You Never Denied Me!

Jesus, the Bible says; “You Pray to the Father, makes intercession for us!” Your Love seeks, Your love finds. You picked up the lost sheep, put them on Your shoulder, take us into Your Promise. Thank You, Jesus; You Never Denied Me!


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