Let me set the stage, won’t you lend me your heart. Born, Live, Die; may it be a soul free. The Crawl, the Stand, the Walk; into a predestined destiny. We all go through stages, life; may not always turn out the way we want. Every day, you have to make sure your soul is in tune. A rhythm, the flow; heart check, one, two. The sound quality, for every heart has a distinct sound. Tune it in, turn it up; hark, who goes there, to a place beyond the stars? Tip toe, but let it flow; love, like a river. Stand up, Stand out, Stand firm; Stand for what you truly believe. Don’t just be involved, in a play… on words. Being in The Word, reveals to your true place in life. Alive, to survive, or thrive? Every day, we all have a choice. Never giving up, how you Grow. Growing stronger, it’s in each life lesson. Growth, within every stage. We need to get to a stage in life, where our heart no longer desires; just chasing after meaningless. When love becomes the truest meaning, the heart takes a bow; a soul knowing how to give… true reverence!

Every stage, should get an applause. Not because it looks good, but because it showed you the heart, of an overcomer. Even at this stage, you don’t have to let unprecedented; grip our heart and soul, with fear… of the unknown. Change your focus, get vertical. This is just for a time, for a moment, for a period; within a season. Don’t be fixated, on Act one. I’ve Seen it too many times, God is working; behind the unseen. Life is not a performance, it’s a journey. Not about a mastermind, behind the scene; but the creator, in the midst… of it all. In every stage, you have to stretch your faith. See His love, is in the horizon. In the theater called life, many hearts are wondering; who’s pulling the strings. The question is, who’s truly tugging on your heartstrings? In the age, where we have so many platforms. When the moments are the darkest, we need to know who’s truly speaking… into our soul. In life, so many tend to admire staging; while overlooking Who… is on the throne. Don’t just play a part, know what’s truly your destiny. A heart unveiled to the truth, will always let God’s love, take center stage!

Hearts, oh hearts; wherefore art the focus, of thy love? Deny the world thy heart, but never deny thy Father’s love. Don’t deny what thy soul truly seeketh, embracing a meaningful existence. Stages, a soul with a contemporary stance. A heart that can still believe you can soar, even if you can’t yet see… your wings. Sing your heart out, let your soul sing with a joyful glee; raise a hallelujah. Your heart has made it, when freedom truly reigns. Don’t act, like you’re too cool; to show that some days, are truly a struggle. Just trying to get heart and soul acting, together on the same page. The posture, the acting; that your heart doesn’t make mistakes. Be authentic, not legalistic. Some hearts act, super fly. My heart, super flawed; but forever loved. At the end of the day, at the end of this journey; it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at. Don’t let your final breath, be a soul exiting the stage left… behind!


11 thoughts on “Stages!

  1. This post is right in sync with how I’ve been feeling all week, a celebration of each of the stages💃 very resonate within my ownsoul my friend👏 this part particularly, “Every stage, should get an applause. Not because it looks good, but because it showed you the heart, of an overcomer”. Such truth💖

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  2. Oh dear Warren, what a truth. There have been so many stages, and more to come. Thinking of all the things that shoulda woulda coulda’s are a waste when the only true constant is the Love God has for us. He shows us every day. Even in the midst of storms. All the negative lately coming from every direction. I want to curl up most days lately but God wants me up, wants me to feel, acknowledge and drown in His Love. Hallelujah! ALL this turmoil right now should if nothing else be the reminder of how much He loves us 🙂 LORD, thank You for continuing to bless and use Warren 🙂


  3. Warren you hit the point every time. We go through stages and stages we are cyclical repeating and improving. Stop we have to and flow with God’s Love fill us up so we can flow in HIS ways. Bless you Warren for your continued LOVE.

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